IFLC is a premier organization for promoting world languages and cultures.

It is dedicated to cultivating artistic self-expression among youth and creating a platform from them to share their cultural heritage with peers around the world.

The International Festival of Language & Culture (IFLC) is an annual celebration of language diversity that showcases talent from across the globe.

The IFLC first started in 2003 with only 17 countries participating. As of today, over 2,000 performers and production members from more than 160 nations have taken part in our events.

Onstage, young students offer song, dance and inspiring storytelling around themes of compassion, respect and mutual understanding. Offstage, in every city we visit, our performers enjoy opportunities to engage with members of the local community, explore unique educational experiences and build lasting friendships. It’s the IFLC way of raising hopes for world peace.
Showcasing global youth talent in the performing arts to celebrate our world’s cultural diversity and create opportunities for international friendship-building around shared human values.
We hope to contribute to a world united in peace, understanding and compassion.


The rich cultures and unique histories of our global society are brought to life through mesmerizing dance and captivating performance. In demonstrating the traditions that make your heritages special, festivals like this one allow us to bear witness to the ways hope and beauty stem from songs of inclusion. Your efforts to unite young people across the globe reflect the power of our common humanity has to restore and transcend what sets up apart. As you come together to celebrate the cultural mosaic that is our world and forge bonds of friendship, I wish you all the best.
“This one allow us to bear witness to the ways hope and beauty stem from songs of inclusion. Your efforts to unite young people across the globe reflect the power of our common humanity has to restore and transcend what sets up apart.
As you come togethertocelebrate the cultural mosaic that is our world and forge bonds of friendship,I wish you all the best.”
President Barack Obama is photographed during a presidential portrait sitting for an official photo in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012.  (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)Barack Obama, 44th US President
I am delighted to greet the International Festival on Language and Culture.I commend the Peace Islands Institute for making this meeting possible and bringing young people from 27countries together to discuss and celebrate our cultural and linguistic diversity.
You are part of the largest generation of young people in the worldʼs history,with wide-ranging opportunities to connect and engage.Wherever you live or whatever your chosen pursuit,the world needs you to show allegiance to the wider common good.I look forward to your global citizenship and urge you to keep using your passion for culture and languages to build a more compassionate world.
“This one allow us to bear witness to the ways hope and beauty stem from songs of inclusion. Your efforts to unite young people across the globe reflect the power of our common humanity has to restore and transcend what sets up apart.

As you come togethertocelebrate the cultural mosaic that is our world and forge bonds of friendship,I wish you all the best.”

Ban Ki-moon,, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations
I am pleased to extend warm greetings to all who are gathered for the 17th International Festival of Language and Culture.
This event provides a wonderful opportunity for young people to share their culture with others through artistic performances. The festival and the resulting dialogue help promote mutual respect and understanding amongst individuals from diverse backgrounds. I commend the performers, their chaperones, and the event organizers for your hard work and unique contributions.

Enjoy the festival!

Mark R Warner, United States Senator
I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone attending the 2019 International Festival of Language and Culture, a harmonious and peace-driven celebration of the cultural diversity that defines the world we live in.
The International Festival of Language and Culture was founded in 2002 as a cultural exchange where skillful and talented youth from all corners of the globe could come together to celebrate and share their culture through dancing, musical performance, and other traditions that make their cultures unique. This yearly festival provides opportunities to overcome social and cultural barriers in light of a common love and appreciation for the arts. But most importantly, it places the future of this world in the hands of our youth.

No matter our native tongue, no matter where we call home, we all share this Earth, and it is essential that we position ourselves to learn from one another and show love and respect despite our differences. By fostering dialogue between the world’s youth, this festival encourages them to embrace the world’s diverse cultures, languages, traditions, and values.

The International Festival of Language and Culture is more than a festival – it is a call to global harmony and peace. Thank you for your role in uniting the intermational community through appreciation of multiculturalism and recognition of universal human values. I wish you all the best for a wonderful festival.

Benjamin L. Cardin , United States Senator
I am pleased to extend warm greetings to all who are gathered for the 17th International Festival of Language and Culture.
This event provides a wonderful opportunity for young people to share their culture with others through artistic performances. The festival and the resulting dialogue help promote mutual respect and understanding amongst individuals from diverse backgrounds. I commend the performers, their chaperones, and the event organizers for your hard work and unique contributions.

Enjoy the festival!

Randy Weber , Congressman
The International Festival of Language is a pivotal establishment. Its mission to promote peace, love and cultural exchange through art and music is a noteworthy method to building community across cultures. Your work builds bridges-that deserves recognition. Your commitment to serving a global community through an artistic medium is not only inspirational, it is also very much needed today.
We each have a moral obligation to speak up and stand up against the injustices we encounter. The International Festival of Language provides a necessary pathway to connectivity and acceptance among all individuals, making it easier for us to advance equality. Through your dedicated efforts to extenuate human and cultural diversity, you are directly contributing to the larger endeavor of building a beloved community. I wish you all the best as you celebrate your 17th year of good work, and continue to promote compassion for years to come. Keep the faith!
John Lewis, Congressman
Greetings to everyone gathered for the 17th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC). I join you in applauding IFLC for once again hosting a wonderful celebration!
Since 2002, IFLC has brought together extraordinarily talented youth from around the word to share their cultures through song, dance, storytelling, and other art forms. Today’s program on Capitol Hill will include more than 80 participants from at least 16 countries. IFLC is committed to building cross-cultural understanding by connecting young performance artists from diverse nationalities, ethnicities, and religions.

Thank you again to IFLC for your exemplary dedication to uplifting the arts, creating cross-cultural dialogue and building a more peaceful and joyful world.

Jamie Raskin, Congressman
I’m so pleased to extend warm greetings to everyone taking part in the 17th Annual International Festival of Language & Culture.
I want to thank everyone who helped to make the festival a success, including the team at the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, the talented young artists and performers, and the supportive teachers, parents and volunteers It’s wonderful to see so many young people expressing pride in their rich and unique cultural heritage.
I thank everyone participating in this event for highlighting the many benefits of diversity. and for spreading the uplifting message of unity, mutual understanding, and peace. Have a wonderful evening!
Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
I offer my sincere congratulations to the International Festival of Language and Culture. The festival has brought talented youth from around the world to express their cultures through art. The festival is committed to contributing to world peace and dialogue by gathering young people regardless of race, religion, or language. This service through the arts is deeply necessary to the furthering of worldwide cultural experiences.
Now therefore, I am honored to celebrate and commemorate this organization and its life changing work in the United States and abroad.
Brendan F. Boyle , Congressman
I am pleased to extend my greetings to all those attending the 17th International Festival of Language and Culture!
Canada is blessed to be one of the most diverse countries in the world and today’s festivities work to connect all of our many different communities from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our Canadian values of a truly free, open and welcoming society are a big part of what makes our nation the envy of the world. All people around the world and at home deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams regardless of race, or ethnicity. And we must always fight to see that right protected.
Canada has been settled by many cultures, and we have a long and proud history of standing against any form of discrimination. Canada leads the world in celebrating and protecting our unique and diverse mosaic of communities.
Canada’s Conservatives are committed to doing everything we can, with our words, and with our actions, to stand with and support the many Canadians who are working to champion universal rights around the globe and here at home. Let us stand firm, and encourage each other to never stop protecting these values at home, and promoting them around the world.

On behalf of Canada’s Conservatives, I offer my best wishes to all those celebrating tonight.

The Hon. Andrew Scheer, P.C.,M.P. Leader of the Official Opposition
“Everywhere Iʼm looking now, Iʼm surrounded by your embrace.”
Brenda Lawrence, Congresswoman
I am delighted to convey my best wishes as the International Festival of Language and Culture convenes this wonderful gathering of nations for the 17th year. This spectacular festival offers an opportunity to bring together talented young people from around the world to express their cultures in song, dance and other artistic performances.
Over the years, the IFLC has expanded across many nations into a worldwide festival celebrating all races religions and languages.
As a longtime supporter of diversity, I applaud the International Festival of Language and Culture for promoting world peace and dialogue among nations.
I wish everyone a most enjoyable “Colors of the World” celebration and hope that many new friendships are formed today.
Congresswoman Robin Kelly Robin L. Kelly, Congresswoman
I am thankful for the opportunity to welcome you all to the remarkable International Festival of Language and Culture this afternoon. For almost two decades, the IFLC has brought together youth from every corner of our globe to learn and experience the wonders of other cultures through art, song, and dance.

Regardless of race, religion, language, and culture, there is a beauty to be found by all in artistic expression. It is a universal language that unites us in spite of our differences. I am proud of the success the IFLC has achieved in engaging young people in the world of the arts and of the different cultures which surround them. On this exciting occasion, I would like to extend my gratitude to the IFLC for their devotion to the arts and cultural experience.
I wish all in attendance a joyful and transformational time this afternoon.

Jennifer Wexton, Congresswoman
I am pleased to welcome you all to the 17th. International Festival of Language and Culture. Language and culture stem from the very origins that make us unique, and this festival provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our tremendous history.
I commend the performers on sharing their culture with the world; I commend the chaperones for taking the time to recognize the importance of this event and I commend the organizers on all their hard work to provide a showcase to all.
I wish a successful and joyous festival.
Elaine Luria, Congresswoman
“The program show cased the musical, dance and theatrical talent of youth from around the world.”
Barbara Comstock, Congresswoman
It’s an extraordinary night. Full of energy… Very good organization and a very nice symbol, symbol of togetherness, diversity and tolerance…
Symbol of openmindedness it was phenomenal to experience such a night reflecting these values
Charles Michel, Premier ministre - Belgium
On behalf of African Union Commission I am really pleased to be in Festival of colors. It is amazing; the songs, the dances, the colors and beautiful combination of people. Let’s maintain peace and tolerance in the world.
Thank you very much.
Her Excellency Dr. Aisha L. Abdullahi , African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs
Excellent effect, I want to congratulate them for their outstanding efforts made by the Yavuz Selim Group.
This group of young people engaged in cultural performances of 22 countries was instrumental in bringing fusion of cultures together.
Professor AMSATO SOW Sidibe, Human Rights Minister - Senegal
This event has taken place in Paris which is very important, that’s why I’m here to give my support to such meetings.
There are political meetings where we work together to ensure peace in the world and there are
those events that are incredibly important because they bring people together. These young people will have to represent the future, to vote, to become leaders who will represent this desire of peace, of living together.
Hélène Conway-Mouret , Senator and former Minister of the French from abroad - France
I was extremely impressed with what the children and young people presented on stage in Westfalenhalle. It takes a great deal of courage and skill to perform in front of around 10,000 people – and inspire them with songs and dances from around the world. Events that encourage young people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to share their experiences are very important. Because each generation has to rediscover and get to know itself, so that peaceful co-existence remains a matter of course. That’s why it’s never too early to start encouraging our children and young people to do this.
Svenja Schulze, Minister of Innovation, Science and Research in North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany
The performances were amazing. My young daughter was also on stage. I was excited to see her. It was a special event.
Seeing Turkish students singing in Romanian and Romanian students singing in Turkish, this is the best way to find out about Lumina Educational Institutions in which many students from different cultures are together collaborating and living in friendship. Seeing these students from different cultures is just like different colours shining all together. You feel like you are in a jewellery shop.
Andrei Gerea, Former Minister of Economy - Romania
Honorable representatives of the Turgut Ozal educational institutions! Honorable representatives of the Ministry of Education and Sport!
Thank you for the delightful moments you brought through these beautiful colors from all over the world. I had the pleasure to receive some of these children, dressed in their national costumes. They were from Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, France, Kirgizstan, etc. Looking at them, it was clear how small
the world has become, and these children come together with a dream for a better world. The message we give today is to support and sustain
these children with all our energies, so that their dreams could come true, and this is why we politicians, when taking decisions,
should never lose sight of their dreams and should never forget that this world is not ours, but theirs.
Ilir Meta, Speaker of Parliament of Albania
Honorable Speaker,
In the efforts of our government to strengthen the international cultural relations, The government took part in preparation and conduction of The international Festival of language and culture in which 18 countries participated. The festival was organized by our friend country Turkey through Their Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Dialogue institute. The festival was successfully held in Daressalaam and was broadcasted live by the National Television TBC. The festival aims was to promote Swahili language and culture in the world and advocate the value of diversity and inclusion of tradition and cultures of 18 countries participated.
The festival gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in presenting the culture and traditions of their respective countries.
Dr. Fenella Mukangara, Minister of Information, Culture and Sports - Tanzania
Your program is very impressive. As we all know,the world is unsettled and is facing some serious challenges which can cause great division between communities. Lots of the world’s leaders are now collaborating to annunciate to describe what we aspire to a unified world where people not only
respect one another but embrace and display instincts of goodwill to each other. It is great to see that those who share that sort of
vision have put the ideal that you represent in practice. Through efforts like your organisation, we are seeing peace bloom in lands where the programs can
unfold and it is through education that we harvest the talents of those individuals who aspire to the vision. What you are actually doing here is helping with that, you are inspiring peace through understanding, equity and tolerance. If we could get all nations of the world with goodwill,
particularly the youth to express themselves through performing arts, we will be a much better world.
His Excellency the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove, The Governor-General of Australia
These Tari Saman and also the Angklung both require long practice, its require endurance,
harmony and at the end we reach the objective and again this is a message of Indenesia for all of us who are participating in this very important occasion And let’s do it is a team and let’s do it together and yes we will create peace and we will create the change.
Thank yo very much.
Anies Baswedan, Ph.D, Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia
Many nations living on earth.
Each has its own unique language and culture and today, while these many nations meet and listen to each other in their own languages, we enrich our souls by getting to know our cultures and recognizing beauty of each language.
The main theme of the festival is to invite the nations of the world to peace, partnership and friendship.
Altınbek Maksutov ASKAROVİÇ, Minister of Culture and Tourism - Kyrgyzstan
One of the most successful events I have ever seen. Earnestly was presented in every moment of it. I think that the education is the best thing that we can present to next generations. The work which has been done by Lumina Educational Institutions here is marvelous. It is impossible to raise up such new generations with classical old methods. In these schools students are offering values like peace, justice, friendship and harmony which are forming the base of a different world.
Aurelia Cristea, Minister of Families and Social Dialogue - Romania
The Minister of Education of Mozambique Luis Antonio Ferrao, offered the festival to be done in support of Mozambican Government in a larger field. And he repeatedly said: “Congragulations,
Congragulations, Congragulations, Congragulations… “ to the microphone.
Luis Antonio Ferrao, he Minister of Education of Mozambique
I hope that as we pen futures and perform values, we use the wealth of our own individual cultures to shape a world that is mindful of diversity but grounded in tolerance and peace. It is a harrowing reality to confront yet we must do so–hopefully with the help of you, our artists and cultural advocates.
Br. Armin Luistro, Department of Education - Philippines
This is my second participation to this event. I am observing that it is getting better and better every year. The students are very well prepared. They had no difficulties in singing in a second language. It was amazing. I wish I could go back to my childhood and take place on that stage with them.
Aylin Kadir, Artist - Romania
This evening young people from all over the world from so many countries will have a unique opportunity to come together and to share their own cultures histories this will be and most enjoyable experience not only because have a chances to learn each other but new experience this also because you have opportunity to build friendship that can last life time long. The IFLC has a vision of world peace that will always remain important because it focuses on friendship, our youth and their future .
On this extraordinary occasion of the opening ceremony of the 13th IFLC, I would like to wish you all every success and of course an enjoyable experience with us here in The Kingdom of Thailand.
ML Panadda Diskul, The Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister's Office - Thailand