It is our mission to rise on the wings of art and music and promote peace, love, and cultural encounters throughout the world.


Uniting nations of the world with universal human values

Since 2003…

It’s been only a short while since we took off.

Yet… how far we have come in such a short time.

How was this possible? We have no answers.
Yet, when we were asked, “why?”

We said, “Tales!”
“We wanted to show tales could become real!”

For we knew…

Only butterflies of a thousand colors could perplex giant dragons.
Small isles could survive the most violent storms.
We knew that we could stand against all the odds, strengthened by the legacy of our forefathers.
That even if the world collapsed, a handful of people were enough to rebuild it.
And that if we could work together, tales could become real!

Yes, we knew
But we were not the only ones
We never stood alone

When we first took off for the Turkish Olympiad
When we spread our wings for the first time
We found a thousand other butterflies soaring alongside us
Turning their backs on hatred, thousands butterflies from around the globe flew together

Even if we came from warring nations or tribes that have been enemies for eternity
We spoke the same language and sang to the same tune as we got to know one another
To establish islands of peace with no docks for animosity

We were butterflies, each of us, to survive no more than three days!
Yet, each with a history millennia long
Epics were revived with the union of our poems, songs, plays, and fine arts

We retold our own legacies and inherited new ones.
Ignorance, poverty, discrimination, or racism
Have no room to surface
among the inheritors of the earth

the inheritors of the earth,
We believe tales can become real
If we can dream and take wing together

Yet, we are aware
The more we preserve this world’s legacies,
The wealthier are we.

We are aware
That our colors and the colors of the whole world
Have been handed over to our care

The more colorful the world
The more beautiful, joyful, and peaceful it is,
the more wondrous it becomes

Our wings wave faster each day,
We encounter new cultures, learn new languages
As each opens to a new world.
We paint the world with our colors
And the world paints us back

And so here we are…
Coming together once again.
With 160 countries
Not for Turkish Olympiad anymore
But for
The International Language and Culture Festival!

They ask us “why”
And we ask back “why not?”

“All tales have happy endings. Why shouldn’t the real world?”