Showcasing global youth talent in the performing arts to celebrate our world’s cultural diversity and create opportunities for international friendship-building around shared human values.


We hope to contribute to a world united in peace, understanding and compassion.

Since 2003…

We wanted to show that dreams could become reality.

When we spread our wings for the first time at the Turkish Olympiads, we found a thousand other butterflies soaring beside us. People from around the world, turning their backs on fear and hatred, deciding to dream together. In the dream, we sang in tune and, as we got to know one another, built islands of peace.

In the union of our songs, poems, plays and fine art, we retold our own legacies and inherited new ones.

Ignorance, poverty, discrimination, racism—we shall overcome them, if we can take wing together. 

We hold true that the more we celebrate this world’s diversity, the more uplifted we all become.

All the colors of the whole world shine their beauty. The more joyful and peaceful we make our lives, the greater our sense of appreciation and wonder. Every language or culture opens our hearts and minds to a new world.

So, we come together, once again. 160 countries, not for the Turkish Olympiads anymore but for The International Festival of Language & Culture!