IFLC is the largest and most prominent organization
for promoting world languages and cultures.

It is dedicated to cultivate and educate the youth and create a platform
to share their cultural heritage with their peers around the world.

The International Festival of Language and Culture is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world.
The International Festival of Language and Culture first started in 2003 and proceeded with only 17 countries participating. Whereas last year, 145 countries took part in this event with more than 2000 participants.
We are trying to promote research, learning, and information exchanges in support of peace, friendship, and understanding. Students try to engage with the visitors and the local community through initiating and participating in social, cultural, and educational activities. They are building strong ties and lasting friendships, and raising hopes for world peace.
It is our mission to rise on the wings of art and music and promote peace, love, and cultural encounters throught the world.
Uniting nations of the world with universal human values


The performances were amazing. My young daughter was also on stage. I was excited to see her. It was a special event.

Seeing Turkish students singing in Romanian and Romanian students singing in Turkish, this is the best way to find out about Lumina Educational Institutions in which many students from different cultures are together collaborating and living in friendship. Seeing these students from different cultures is just like different colours shining all together. You feel like you are in a jewellery shop.

Andrei Gerea, Former Minister of Economy
One of the most successful events I have ever seen. Earnestly was presented in every moment of it. I think that the education is the best thing that we can present to next generations. The work which has been done by Lumina Educational Institutions here is marvelous. It is impossible to raise up such new generations with classical old methods. In these schools students are offering values like peace, justice, friendship and harmony which are forming the base of a different world.
Aurelia Cristea, Minister of Families and Social Dialogue
This is my second participation to this event. I am observing that it is getting better and better every year. The students are very well prepared. They had no difficulties in singing in a second language. It was amazing. I wish I could go back to my childhood and take place on that stage with them.
Aylin Kadir, Artist